Loïc Le Ribault was born on 18 April 1947 in Vannes, in Brittany. He grew up in an ideal family environment, his mother being a teacher of natural sciences, and his father a professor of Letters.

Consistently first in his class, he won all the top school prizes. He was a solitary child, and while his little friends were thumbing through their comics, he was poring over textbooks of natural science. At the age of ten he started collecting dead insects, was fascinated by fish, and the paupers’ grave in the town became his playground and treasure island.

In order to prevent the family home from becoming a charnel house, his parents gave their offspring a microscope, on the grounds that it would take up less space than whole skeletons. From that moment was born a passion, destined to grow greatly, for the world of the infinitely small.

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Le blog des amis de Loïc Le Ribault 24 Mars 2014, 12.09 Administrator Actualités
Le blog des amis de Loïc Le Ribault
L' Association Internationale des Amis de Loïc Le Ribault (AIALLR) propose chaque semaine des conseils pratiques ainsi que des témoignages sur les bienfaits du Silicium Organique formulé par le Docteur Loïc Le Ribault.
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Où se procurer le Silicium G5 Original du Dr Loïc Le Ribault ? 17 Février 2012, 11.51 Administrator Actualités
Où se procurer le Silicium G5 Original du Dr Loïc Le Ribault ?
Laboratoires Silicium España Laboratorios Parc Tecnologic i de Serveis l'Alba C/Vilafortuny 23, Nau 10,  43480 Vila-seca, Tarragona España Tel +34 985 511 126  Fax +34 977 393 390 Depuis la France: 0811 144 544 Site
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Actualités 27 Avril 2011, 11.22 Administrator Actualités
LE SILICIUM G5 PROUVE SON EFFICACITÉ DANS LE CAS DE LA LOMBALGIE ET DE L’EMPHYSÈME Nous avons le privilège d'être les gardiens de l'œuvre d'un des génies les plus extraordinaires que la France a donné : Loïc
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