Curriculum vitae


Curriculum vitae

1: Born 18 April 1947 at Vannes, France.

2: Diplomas and Titles

Degree in Letters, Sorbonne, Paris, 1970.

Certificates in Oceanography, Ecology and Pedology, Paris, 1971

Master’s degree in Physical Geography, Paris, 1971.

Doctorate in Sedimentology, Orsay, Paris, 1973.

Doctorate of Sciences, Orsay, Paris, 1980.

Expert in Microanalysis for the Cour d’Appel of Bordeaux, 1984-1991.

Expert in Microanalysis registered with the Cour de Cassation, Paris, 1988-1991.

3: Other Distinctions

Laureate of the Fondation de la Vocation (Scientific Research), 1972.

First prize, Prix National de la Création d’Entreprise Innovante, 1983.
Laureate of the Forum Européen des Créateurs d’Entreprises, 1984.
Citizen of the Year of Aquitaine 1987. (See picture)

4: Career
1970-1973 : Researcher in the laboratory of Oceanography at the University of Orsay, Paris.
1973 – 1981 : Director of the department of Electronic Microscopy in the main laboratory of Total in Bordeaux.
1981 – 1990 : Founder and President-Chief Executive Director of the laboratory C.A.R.M.E. (Centre d’Applications et de Recherches en Microscopie Electronique).
1990 – 1993 : Independent expert in criminology, founder of the company Le Ribault Expertises.
1993 – 1999 : Independent researcher.
1999 – 2004 : Founder and co-director of the company LLR–G5 Ltd in Ireland.

2004 – 2007: Colaboration with SILICIUM ESPAÑA LABORATORIOS in the developement of  the new product SILICIUM G5 SILIPLANT and other new products based on the Silicium G5. Independent researcher.

He died the of June 2007.

5: Publications and conferences
Eleven books and fifty or so scientific publications (notably for the Académie des Sciences) devoted to sedimentology, the exoscopy of quartz, and microanalysis applied in criminology. About 300 conferences in Europe, the United States, Canada and Africa, in universities, police units, courts of law, scientific associations, etc.

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