Ireland and After


In 1999 LLR set up the company LLR-G5 Ltd in Ireland, giving half the shares to Luc Verardo. The company had G5 made up, and distributed it throughout the world perfectly legally, thanks to the label of ‘food supplement’. The following few years gave the researcher a breathing space in which he was able to savour local life.However…on 23 August 2003 the court in Bordeaux issued a new international arrest order against Le Ribault for illegal exercise of medicine and of pharmacy. The chase began all over again. Following a denunciation, the fugitive was arrested in November in Geneva by the Swiss police. He spent the next three months in the Swiss prison of Champ Dollon.

Discharged on 24 February 2004, LLR gathered his strength to make a new life in Switzerland. His ‘free’ time was devoted in part to relearning to live a normal life, after two gruelling periods in prison, and for the rest in trying to obtain official approval from Swiss Medic for the use of G5 as medication.

Meanwhile the relationship with the co-owner of the Irish company had being going downhill for a long time, as he was doing whatever he pleased while hiding behind the name of the inventor for commercial reasons, and thus exposing him once more to being pursued by the law. When he was released from prison in February 2004 Le Ribault resigned from the company. He proposed to Luc Verardo that he should take over LLR’s shares, but he never received any reply from him on the subject. Le Ribault has thus remained for the last two years an unwilling shareholder in a company in which he no longer has any responsibility. In fact Verardo sends out documents that look as if they have been signed personally by Le Ribault, but the signature is forged. The whole matter is currently before the Irish courts.

The product is now being produced legally in Spain. It conforms in every detail to the original formula for G5, and is now packaged in a more practical container. Meanwhile the scientist, his purpose unshaken, is taking the time to organize regular training sessions and briefings for doctors who wish to prescribe organic silica, in so far as the law allows them to do.

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